Where Does It All Go?


Imperial Western Products started as a small corporation in Coachella, Ca in 1966, with just one single location and only 9 employees until the mid eighties. The company originally traded commodities in the agricultural markets.  Since 1966, Imperial Western Products has grown by leaps and bounds to become a successful, broadly diversified corporation. 

We are family owned and operated.  We pride ourselves on strong customer relations and continually strive to stay at the forefront of our industries.

The Imperial Western Products (IWP) network of companies like Biotane Pumping, Organic Solutions, Bakery Solutions, and Biotane Fuels, allows us to prioritize the end markets for recycled products according to the EPAs Food Recovery Hierarchy.

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All of the products and materials that the IWP group handles are assured to go to the best environmental end use and never to a landfill.

To learn more about any one of sister companies that recycles waste into a value added good, please click the individual links below. 


Divisions of Imperial Western Products

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Enforce Products

An industry leader for manufacturing tire products, pipe joint lubricants, and release agents for the concrete and asphalt industries. A division of Imperial Western Products.

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Imperial Western Products

Established in 1966 specializing in the treatment and processing of commodities for cattle feed. Parent company of Biotane Fuels, Biotane Pumping, Bakery Solutions, Organic Solutions, and Enforce Products.

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Biotane Pumping

Offering collection services of waste cooking oil, grease trap service, and hydro jetting to restaurants and businesses all throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona.

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Bakery Solutions

Since 2003, Bakery Solutions has been specializing in the recycling of bakery related food waste.

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Biotane Fuels

Biotane Fuels represents the new frontier in renewable and alternative fuels emerging on American markets today.

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Organic Solutions

Organic Solutions was designed to help companies complete their sustainability loop in compliance with mandated regulations.