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The Green Team:

Many businesses and individuals are shifting their focus to become personally responsible for recycling, lowering greenhouse emissions, and finding alternative sources of energy. The Biotane Green Team was created with this same vision in mind.

The Biotane Green Team is a group of businesses that have been awarded a Green Certification for their commitment to becoming more environmentally conscious. They have done this by choosing Biotane Pumping as a service provider to recycle their waste cooking oil. To the restaurant owner or kitchen manager, used cooking oil is viewed as a waste. But to Biotane Pumping, used cooking oil collection is just the first step in the process of making Biotane Biodiesel. Biotane Pumping works hand-in-hand with Biotane Fuels to ensure that every drop of cooking oil collected from our customers is converted in to a clean burning, renewable fuel. As a proven and sustainable replacement to diesel, biodiesel will help create a cleaner environment for everyone, reduce our consumption and demand of foreign crude oil, and allow people to convert their waste into a renewable, clean energy source.


The Biotane Green Team is designed to award the restaurant owner or business that has chosen Biotane Pumping to recycle their used cooking oil into biodiesel. Each Green Team member can be provided with a certificate that can be displayed in their place of business, educating others on their efforts to preserve our environment.