Poultry And Beef Byproduct Service


Our poultry and beef byproduct collection service meat-packing and processing plants, supermarkets, and butcher shops to dispose of their waste through our innovative collection. We also collect case-ready products that have exceeded their shelf life date and are thus ineligible for resale to consumers and must be discarded.

Our trucks will gladly pick up the byproducts in a timely manner and deliver it to our processing plant where it is treated daily.

Any meat or animal product that cannot be sold or consumed by humans can be recycled at our plant into new materials. These products are then marketed domestically and internationally to meet the growing demand for the animal feed industry. Rendering these types of inedible products adds value and is a more sustainable and environmentally sound approach than sending waste to a landfill.

We provide customized containers and lids that are used for the collection of animal byproducts such as fat, bones, and meat scraps. 

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