Our Vision

Biotane Pumping


Biotane Pumping was established in 2006 as a division of Imperial Western Products (EST 1966).  From the beginning Biotane Pumping’s sole purpose was to collect as much used cooking oil as possible to supply our sister division, Biotane Fuels, with raw feedstock to process into biodiesel.

Now, more than a decade later Biotane Pumping has set ourselves apart as a leader in the industry, servicing thousands of restaurants and other food producing establishments like theme parks, schools, casinos, and more throughout the southwestern United States.

At Biotane Pumping customer service is the primary driver in our success and growth over the years. Biotane Pumping has created a level of service that that is unparalleled in the industry by hiring friendly and quality drivers, staying committed, and providing 24 hour availability to assist our customers in emergency situations.

In addition to providing prompt and professional service, we offer customizable equipment options, and detailed records keeping services for our customers to help them comply with operational and regulatory needs. Biotane Pumping is a fully licensed and insured company,


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