Indoor Equipment


Equipment Overview

Indoor Tote:

  • Per gallon indoor container options

  • Includes a 16” vented plastic screw-on lid to seal container

  • Body of the containment features 14 gauge steel or plastic options

  • Made to fit under a standard industrial kitchen counter

  • A 2″ spill lid on top of the container prevents oil spillage by restaurant employees

  • Features two handles and caster wheels for increased mobility

* Customized models are available!


40 – 80 Gallon Indoor Equipment

The indoor containers include a 16 inch vented plastic screw on lid seal container. The body of the containment features 14  gauge steel or plastic depending on the durability needs of the customer. The container’s height is made to fit under a standard industrial  kitchen counter for easy storage that uses minimal space in a tight kitchen. Caster wheels are also included for increased mobility when moving the container throughout the kitchen. Biotane Pumping can also customize the dimension and features on our indoor container models to fit your kitchen’s needs.