Hydro Jetting


In the food service industry busy kitchens will from time to time experience line clogging due to excess food or cooking oil gathering over time and building up on the insides wall of the plumbing lines.  Biotane Pumping’s hydro jetting service will alleviate these problems by running a high pressure hose through the pipe while shooting water to break of the clogging debris and send it to the trap to be pumped later.  Biotane pumping offers both main line jetting (line from kitchen to your trap) and kitchen line jetting (all other plumbing lines inside your kitchen) services. 

Below is a list of what we provide as a part of our hydro jetting services:

  • Free Estimates

  • Clean out interior kitchen drains

  • Can clean incoming and outgoing lines from grease trap

  • 24/7 emergency service calls available