Biotane Pumping proudly provides used cooking oil collection and grease interceptor services for our customers.


Supporting local businesses and our environment.

Biotane Pumping is a leader in the restaurant and food service industry specializing in used cooking oil collection, grease trap/ interceptor cleaning, repairs, preventative maintenance, hydro jetting service, trash area and parking lot pressure washing, confined space entry, raw meat scrap collection, and food waste collection.

Our mission is to provide exceptional customer service at the best value to our clients.

At Biotane Pumping, our goal is to turn every drop of cooking oil we collect into clean, renewable, Biotane Biodiesel.

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Our Services

Biotane Pumping offers a wide range of maintenance, waste removal, and recycling services to our customers in the food service industry.  

We service a diverse customer base that includes but is not limited to: restaurants, schools, theme parks, sporting arenas, airports, military bases, casinos, and more throughout the Southwestern United States.

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c4g1 used cooking oil transfer caddy

custom storage containers and caddies

We have the unique ability to fabricate our own containers for the storage and transportation of waste cooking oil. Each design has security features built in and options such as a mesh metal screens to keep solids free from the oil. We offer different sizes to fit the needs of your restaurant. Biotane Pumping will build custom sized/shaped container to suit your custom storage needs.

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From the French Fryer

to the Fuel Tank.

Every drop of used cooking oil collected by Biotane Pumping and their Green Team Affiliates goes toward making Biodiesel: a clean burning alternative fuel. 

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Many businesses and individuals are shifting their focus toward becoming personally responsible for recycling, lowering greenhouse emissions, finding alternative sources of energy, and reducing our dependence on foreign oil. 

For nearly two decades Biotane Pumping has been committed to making a difference by recycling waste cooking oil into an environmentally conscious, clean burning, alternative fuel: Biotane Biodiesel.

Through the vision of creating clean energy from a potential waste source, Biotane Pumping redefines recycling to include a truly sustainable waste-to-fuel application.


Together with your business

Dedicated to change.


All of the products and materials that Biotane Pumping and the Imperial Western Products group handles are always assured to go to the best environmental end use.

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