Grease Trap / Interceptor Cleaning, Repairs, and Preventative Maintenance

grease trap cleaning

Grease traps, or “interceptors,” are often the last thing on a manager or owner’s mind until they are having an emergency service due to odors or spillage coming from a clogged or overflowing trap.  This scenario can usually be avoided so long as the trap is serviced on a routine basis, and more importantly confirming the service provider cleaning the trap does a complete and thorough cleaning of your grease trap.

Below is a list of what we provide as part of Biotane Pumping’s Grease Trap service to our customers:

  •   Friendly drivers that are professional and timely

  •   Documentation with each cleaning/ and data storage for a customer’s history of service

  •   A full and complete cleaning of your entire grease trap; including the washing of all trap walls and the removal of all solids from the grease trap

  •   Competitive pricing and free estimates on service

  •   24/7 emergency service calls available