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…offering restaurant services since 2006

Biotane Pumping started offering restaurant services in 2006, with the initial intention of supporting our sister division, Biotane Fuels. But in just a short time, Biotane Pumping became an industry leader by offering exceptional customer service to our clients. We can do this by treating our customers with great importance, by hiring friendly and professional drivers, and staying committed to assisting you in emergency situations.

At Biotane Pumping, we take waste cooking oil collection to another level. We work hand-in-hand with an alternative fuels producer, Biotane Fuels, to recycle all the waste oil we collect into biodiesel. Our goal is to ensure that every drop of your waste cooking oil is recycled into a clean burning alternative fuel that will help keep our environment a little bit cleaner.

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“We believe that without good people, you cannot offer a good service.”

At Biotane Pumping, we take pride in our employees. We believe that without good people, you cannot offer a good service. The team at Biotane Pumping was built with this principle in mind. Our people are strategically placed in a position to better serve you, because our mission is to be the best restaurant service provider in the industry.


Adam Parsons

Operations Manager

San Diego, Orange County

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Ken Mickle

Operations Manager

Los Angeles and Riverside

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Ryan Parsons

Operations Manager


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Octavio Garza

Operations/Yard Manager

Coachella Valley, Moreno Valley, Banning, High Desert, Imperial Valley

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Mike Pires

Operations/Yard Manager

Central/Northern California

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Green Team

“Preserving our environment and natural resources has been one of the major issues this past decade.”

Many businesses and individuals are shifting their focus to become personally responsible for recycling, lowering green house emissions, finding alternative sources of energy, and reducing our dependence on foreign oil. Biotane Green Team was created with this same vision in mind.

Biotane Green Team is a group of businesses that have been awarded a Green certification for their commitment to becoming more environmentally conscious. They have done this by choosing Biotane Pumping as a service provider to recycle their waste cooking oil. To the restaurant owner, used cooking oil is a waste product. But to Biotane Pumping, used cooking oil collection is just the first step in the process of making Biotane Biodiesel. Biotane Pumping works hand-in-hand with a sister division Biotane Fuels to ensure that every drop of oil collected from our restaurants is converted in to a clean burning, renewable fuel. As a legitimate replacement to diesel, biodiesel will help create a cleaner environment for everyone, reduce our consumption and demand of foreign crude oil, and allow people to convert their waste into a renewable, clean energy source.

…Biodiesel will help create a cleaner environment for everyone…

Green Team

Biotane Green Team is designed to award the restaurant owner or business that has chosen Biotane Pumping to recycle their used cooking oil into biodiesel. Each Green Team member is awarded a plaque that can be displayed in their place of business, educating others on their efforts to preserve our environment.